Bear Scratch Cub 

Introducing Bear Scratch Cub

Bear Scratch Cub

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Bear Scratch Cub is a 25" to 26" wall mounted wooden back scratcher (2.75" to 3.75" Diameter) that allows people to scratch their backs by rubbing against it like a bear.  The thick tough glossy textured coat simulates the texture of tree bark.  You can always find your Bear Scratch because it's mounted on the wall. If you can't reach the itch, or if your hands are dirty, you can always get a hands free soothing scratch.  When other people scratch your back, they don't seem to get the right spot.  Not with Bear Scratch, you know exactly where to scratch.  
With Bear Scratch around, you will never have dirty walls from people scratching their back on the bare walls. 
The beautiful durable finish allows for easy cleaning.